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Hosting PlansHosting
Disk space 25 GB
Virtual servers 15  
Databases 15  
FTP logins 15  
Plan A2011
427 RUB
per mo
Disk space 50 GB
Virtual servers 30  
Databases 30  
FTP logins 30  
Plan BPro
617 RUB
per mo
Disk space 75 GB
Virtual servers 50  
Databases 50  
FTP logins 50  
Plan CPro
903 RUB
per mo
Disk space 200 GB
Virtual servers 100  
Databases 100  
FTP logins 100  
Plan I2011
1331 RUB
per mo
VDS plansPrivate server
Server administration is performed through our control panel, data is being backed up.
ValueATOM Standart
1750 RUB
per mo
CPU Intel E5-2620
2G RAM, 25G SSD!

VDS, KVM virtualization.
1550 RUB
per mo
CPU Intel E5-2620
4G RAM, 50G SSD!

VDS, KVM virtualization.
ValueCORE M+
2850 RUB
per mo
Server administration is performed through our control panel, data is being backed up. Intel i3 proc and 8G RAM server.
ValueTRON Standart
4950 RUB
per mo
We provide a server without our control and data backup. You administrate server on your own (via ssh, for example).
ValueATOM Lease
1450 RUB
per mo
Allocation of your Intel Atom based server (if it meets requirements) in our data center.
ValueATOM Personal
1450 RUB
per mo
Colocation PlansColocation
Colocation 1U or tower
Colocation 1U or tower
3820 RUB
per mo
Colocation 2U or bigtower
Colocation 2U or bigtower
6712 RUB
per mo
Colocation 3U
Colocation 3U
11678 RUB
per mo
Colocation 4U
Colocation 4U
14515 RUB
per mo
Webdesign optionsWebsite Development
Index page with your contacts and short description of your business.
Website Mini
12000 RUB
Fully-featured web-site with interactive elements and database.
Website Standart
20000 RUB
Web-site for big companies and corporative projects.
60000 RUB
Our portfolio samples:
We offer our clients an opportunity to create their own blogs at BlogServer

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Create your personal page, blog or web portal right away

* 1 y. term payment
Create your personal page, blog or web portal right away

* 1 y. term payment
It is not necessary to buy server - just rent one
Locate your server in fast and reliable platform
Buy an unique design and compare favourably with business rivals
Publish photos, music, news or organize personal diary

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Valuehost приглашает на MATE 2016.

26 апреля в Courtyard Marriott Moscow City Center состоится главное ежегодное событие в области мобильных приложений и технологий – MATE 2016.
13.04.16 16:15

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Satellite Russia & CIS 2016.

Valuehost приглашает Вас, 21 апреля 2016 года, принять участие в VIII Международной конференции SATELLITE RUSSIA & CIS 2016.
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