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How To Register A Domain?

Domain name is your unique name on the Internet, your brand name and identification. Your partners and colleagues can keep this name in mind to find your website over the Internet and get the necessary information. You may also use domain name to create your own e-mail boxes.

ValueHost carries out domain registration in the most popular zones: ru, su , com, net, org, biz, msk.ru, spb.ru, info, tv, cc, ws, eu, name, us, co.uk, de, mobi.

Registration of a domain is official and is carried out in the name of a person or organization, which you state as an owner of the new domain.

To begin the registration of a new domain you should type the chosen name in the form located in the upper part of each internal page or in the domains check form on the main page of the ValueHost 2.0 website.

Then you should enter a domain name to be checked without the name of the zone. Choose a domain zone by ticking it off against the name of the chosen zone, it is beneath the entry field of a domain name.

The system will automatically check the availability of free domains in all zones. After the check you may see that the cell of the table with the domain zone name change its colour to yellow with a mark of availability: it means that the domain in that zone is available for registration. Or the colour of the cell with a domain zone will become gray and a cross will appear – it will mean that the domain is already in use.

After the check of a domain press an appeared button “Order” to finalize an order.

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