hosting: ValueHost 2.0



In the new version ValueHost 2.0 the most popular Database Management Systems (DBMS) such as MySQL Server 5.6, 8.0 and PostgreSQL 8.4 a used to create web applications.

Database Management Systems are used by web-developers for a structured storage of information and processing of large amounts of information, data and files. Programming using DBMS is applied for the ease of user accounting and storing information about clients, orders, goods etc.

For web-development with Database Management Systems a special language of access to DBMS from scripts (PHP, Perl, Python, etc.) is used. This standard language for all types of DBMS is called SQL.

With the help of methods and means of programming on SQL language for DBMS there is an opportunity of quick and handy access to any information based on various criteria, for example a client’s number or make a selection among the orders from a certain city. For example to get such data from DBMS, where information about 10 thousand users is stored, only one line in SQL language is needed. DBMS server will do all operations itself, will make a selection based on certain criteria and as a result the function will at once show all data records it found.

DBMS servers are administered and backuped by the ValueHost engineers. That is why we guarantee the safety of data and timely updating of DBMS servers. The latest versions of the most popular Database Management Systems are installed on the hosting ValueHost 2.0. These DBMS are suitable for both ordinary private use and for serious corporative tasks.

MySQL Server 5 (5.6, 8.0) is the most popular DBMS server in the world. It allows simultaneously thousands of users to request data, add new posts or modify the existing ones. Data are stored in files on the server in a special format for quick access and received information is operated from databases with the help of the standard SQL language.

For more sophisticated web-developers and special tasks the new version of ValueHost 2.0 hosting includes DBMS PostgreSQL 8.4.

Web developer adds new entries to DBMS and performs their further search with the help of convenient functions and SQL language libraries. This language is standardized and SQL functions are already written for the convenience of programming. Thus a programmer does not work with files of databases directly – he works directly only with information received with the help of SQL-requests (SQL language functions). Work of the whole database system on a good level is provided by a DBMS server.

For management of MySQL databases in ValueHost hosting system phpMyAdmin is used and for PostgreSQL – phpPgAdmin. This provides quick and convenient creation of the structure of databases in the control panel in the section “Management” on ValueHost website.