hosting: ValueHost 2.0


About the Company

The ValueHost Company, one of the largest hosting-providers in Russia has been providing the services of web-hosting since the year 2000.

It supplies corporate clients and individuals with contemporary means of allocation of web-sites, Internet applications, CMS-systems and information on the Internet. ValueHost also provides services of Colocation – physical placement of servers in the data centre, rent of dedicated servers, carries out domain registration and provides e-mail services. Physically all the servers of the company are placed on four technological areas: two of them are located in Saint-Petersburg, one – in Moscow and one – in San Jose (the USA). In Russia hosting services are provided with the assistance of ZAO Web Hosting – the company registered in Saint-Petersburg which has all the necessary licenses.

Reliable channels and equipment

ValueHost has a direct connection to the communication link Utransit Moscow – Saint-Petersburg. The ValueHost interregional network of data transfer as well as an infrastructure of ValueHost data centers is built according to the SONET IP MPLS technology with the use of high-performance routers of the Juniper Networks company and Cisco network switches with automatic backing of data channels with the use of BGP technology.

Web-sites of ValueHost clients are sure to be available at any time even on holidays and weekends. Equipment and channels are backed up for that purpose: backup copies of information on the hosting are created daily. All centers of web-sites storage and data processing have reliable uninterruptable power supply and high-speed optical lines of connection to the global network through several communication channels from large main operators at a speed of several gigabits per second.

ValueHost 2.0

The new ValueHost panel for managing the services is a modern platform for web-site hosting and domain registration on the Internet. Among the special features of the resource is the implementation of the unique system for web-site launching in 20 seconds and transfer to the balance payment system. Completely updated scale of plans is compiled with consideration of wide range of services on the market of web-hosting services. Comprehensive configurator allows to create a scale of plans without assistance (add a number of sites, databases, disc space etc). The platform allows to carry out the automatic malfunction diagnostics of a web-site. The new server configuration enables such CMS, as Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix etc. to work at a high speed level.

The new ValueHost 2.0 hosting platform is first of all the professionalism of our team and also an affordable virtual hosting on modern equipment based on high-tech servers.

Quality Assurance

ValueHost guarantees availability of sites with the Service Level AgreementService Level Agreement (SLA). Certain performance quality parameters are guaranteed for the ValueHost 2.0 Hosting.


The ValueHost Company provides its clients with interesting and useful information and actively communicates in social networks. It interacts with the users by publishing information on the topic on the most famous sites of the Russian Internet, giving the additional technical support in blogs and promptly posting the latest news of the company. The statistics of ValueHost services usage is available for those, who carefully watches the trends in the sphere of hosting.

10 years is a period, during which priceless professional experience has been gained. ValueHost has undoubtedly made a unique contribution to one of the rapidly developing segments in the sphere of high technologies in Russia.