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In order to guarantee the stability of your project operation you should pay enough attention to its security. You should realize that modern hacking methods are on pretty high level today. The intruder, having obtained the password for your account in our system, shall be free to make any actions with your websites on your behalf. That’s why it is strongly recommended to pay attention to complexity and security of your password.
When choosing a password? You should follow several simple rules:

  • Do not use your birth date, name, telephone number and any other personal unique numbers as password.
  • Do not use as password simple words, such as “rabbit” or “password”, which can be found in the dictionary. Such password can easily be broken by means of special software using dictionaries.
ValueHost Security Service recommends to use as password random combination of letters and digits, which have some meaning for you only. For example, let’s take the abovementioned word “rabbit” and turn it into a fine secure password. First let’s insert the year of birth inside the word (for instance, let it be 1974). We shall get the following: “ra1b97bit4”. Now let’s make it even more complicated by using capitalization and adding a special character: “!ra1B97bit4”. Such a password is pretty secure and can hardly be picked up.
Please, do not use the password given in the example above.
If you have problems with making a password, you may use ValueHost password generator which shall create a secure password for you in a fraction of a second.

Generate password 

ValueHost Security Service does strongly recommend not to write your password down on paper or store it in files on your computer. The ideal thing is to simply memorize your password. But you may store your password in a text file but not in an obvious manner, i.e. you should insert it in a text like: “In order to guarantee the stability of your project operatra1b97bit4ion you should pay enough attention to its security”. This should be done for intruders may not only break your password. Against you they may use special programs-viruses (so called “trojans”), which they may try to download into your personal computer. The purpose of such program is to retrieve your saved password or to intercept it when you enter it, and to pass it to the intruder. In order not to let it happen, ValueHost Security Service does strongly recommend you to pay greater attention to the protection of your personal computer: install and use special antivirus software, do not connect suspicious data storage devices to your PC, do not open suspicious letters received to your e-mail.

It should also be remembered that there is another widespread method to intercept your password – so called “fishing”. The essence of fishing is that a potential victim is sent to a webpage, which is a copy of another page, familiar to user. There the user is offered to enter his login and password. Once they are entered they are passed to an intruder. In order not to become a “fish on the hook”, you should be very attentive with links by which you go. Moreover, before entering your login and password, please, make sure that you are exactly on the page, on which your login and password are to be entered.