hosting: ValueHost 2.0


Overview of Main Hosting Services

ValueHost is perhaps one of the most well-known hosting providers in the World. Now our company introduced contemporary hosting technologies and received extra investments. And now the new hosting ValueHost 2.0 can be justly called the best national hosting.

What does “hosting” mean? Briefly it means registration of a certain name for your website (i.e. domain name) and of course placing the site on the Internet on special equipment. This equipment is a physical server – a powerful computer on which website is stored in the form of web pages and different files.

Domain registration: ValueHost carries out domain registration in the most popular zones: com, net, org, biz, .us, info, tv, cc, ws, eu, name,, de, mobi. Even if you have not found a desired domain on the list do not worry, write to the Online Support and we will discuss how we can fulfill your wish.

Besides, availability of a website on the Internet is provided by networking equipment: routers and switchboards – devices which provide information transfer from our servers to the Internet network.

On our hosting to support website operation we use powerful servers on the base of a 64-bit platform, thus achieving a high level of reliability and security of storing your data. We use our own communication channels and modern equipment on the base of Jumper routers.

An arrangement when several dozens or hundreds of user websites are located on one physical server is called “shared-hosting”. Besides services of shared-hosting we also render the following service called “co-location”.

Co-location is hosting of your own physical server in ValueHost data-center. That means your server (big metal box) is connected in our data-center to the Internet network (using equipment and channels of ValueHost) and power supply, protected by UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems. We install programs for further work on placing a website on your server free of charge: operational system FreeBSD, web-server Apache, server My SQL. Further operation with server is entirely up to you – you can do on it whatever you like!