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Hosting ground www.valuehost.ru was created in the year 2000. The purpose of our hosting – is to make services on placing websites completely easy and available for people all over the whole world.

Because of a new ValueHost website with its unique control panel for managing services, turning on and changing of web-service parameters happens immediately. With the help of ValueHost hosting anyone who wishes can have his or her own website, e-mail box or a blog within few minutes.

Begin your work on ValueHost ground choosing a domain name for your website. On valuehost.ru main page there is a convenient form for checking availability of domains. Enter a desirable domain name in it and if it is free – make an order immediately!

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ValueHost receives payments through all popular payment systems: Yandex Money, Web Money, Money Mail and PayPal.

We will not refuse payments by credit cards either: Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Switch, Solo, Delta, JCB.

A very convenient way of quick payment for a short period of time (for example, in order to test) – is payment by SMS.

Finally, you may pay from all places of Russia for our service through the Savings Bank or any other commercial bank and send a copy of the payment instrument to us for a quicker turning the services on.

On valuehost.ru website a help page: valuehost.ru/en/help/ has been created, in which one can study many questions on website creation in general and the work of your hosting in particular.

Some pages of the website www.valuehost.ru are created for personal use only by the clients of ValueHost:

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If you want to study all the opportunities of our hosting – please, register. The procedure is surprisingly easy and quick – try it!